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Random Musings

My 5-year-old lost his first tooth Thursday. So that night the tooth fairy paid him a visit. By midnight he was awake and checking under his pillow for the chocolate money he was expecting. Half asleep he missed the fact that his tooth was gone and an envelope with a toonie in it was there in it’s place.

He was not happy.

He wanted the tooth and chocolate money like his classmate… Oh well. He’ll have to write that into the letter he left under his pillow with the tooth for #2, which will be falling out any second…

And fall out it did… Kind of. His other bottom front tooth was really loose all day Sunday and he was afraid to eat, so I convinced him to let me look at in the bathroom.

I grabbed a kleenex, convinced him to let me look at it, at which point I wiped his lip a few times so as to not scare him, then slipped the kleenex over the tooth and plucked it out of his mouth.

So now missing his 2 bottom teeth, he wrote a note to the tooth fairy again tonight asking for chocolate money and that is what he got under his pillow.

I can’t wait until he wakes up.

This thought just popped into my head:
Please, for the love of G-d, do not wear a grey suit and brown shoes!!!

About the weekend:
Trying to plan weekends while our house is for sale is not fun. We are tired after a long week, but if we stay at home it has to remain and us ready to leave on a moments notice for a showing. Not easy with 3 kids when it’s yucky outside…

Speaking of moving… We have a ton of veggies that the boys and I planted from seed which are getting big and almost ready to plant but we have no house to plant it in. We’re not in the new one until the end of June which will be too late and we’re not going to (hopefully) be in this one all summer. Sigh. Compounding this problem is the fact that the bean stalks are already producing beans… They need to be moved!

My 3-year-old brought home a “pet” from school. A worm. It came in a little plastic container with a tiny hole in the top and an instruction sheet. This “pet” was sitting on the kitchen counter.
This morning I pushed wormy back from the edge of the counter and as I stepped back I felt something hard and a little squishy under my heel…
He had escaped and was hard as a rock.
With 2 boys staring at it in horror I scooped up little crispers and put him back in the container with some water.
My wife thinks today is the day he gets “released” into the garden… I tend to agree.

Why can’t I find any Blue Jays games on the TV, or highlights on the news? After beating up the division leading Texas Rangers you would think Toronto’s only current team that doesn’t suck (except the Toronto Rock), that they would be all over the news… Very frustrating.

This weekend we had an impromptu garage sale, piggybacking off our neighbours who plastered signs everyone and went wild. In our case we got rid of a ton of crap and took in some $$$ in exchange… Nice!

Why does every episode of Hell’s Kitchen seem to have the same 2 teams on it.  Was there only one season?  If not, this was a really crappy idea…