A Tale of Two Children

Ahhh, my boys…

5 going on 4 and 3 going on 10…

So alike, yet so different.

They play together all the time but if you ask the youngest, he says he doesn’t like the older brother.

When my 3-year-old draws pictures of the family, he includes himself, mummy, me, his baby sister and the nanny.

“Where is your brother?”, I ask him.

“I don’t like him!”, responds my youngest son.

And for all that, they are also so much different when out in a social setting. Take Friday night for example… We were out for dinner at our Temple with other young families and after the meal and a brief service there are cookies and juice for the kids (and adults).

Both boys took off for the room with their friends and I turned to one of the Dads and said, “Watch and see… Linus will be standing by the table trying to get my attention so he can ask me if he can eat a cookie and drink some juice.  Stewie on the other hand, will be standing at the table after clearing some room for himself, eating.”

Sure enough, Stewie was chewing down on cookies – looking very serious – while Linus was standing politely at the end of the table holding a cookie in his hand, asking if it was OK to go get one.

I guess that is the middle child realizing that to get what he wants he’ll have to just take it.  He does this often, never for anything bad – he asks for sweets – but in a public setting he takes first to make sure his appetite is addressed instead of  waiting to be given the green light.  This boy is VERY serious when he eats.  He makes me laugh!


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