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G20 Summit to cripple downtown Toronto beginning June 7th.

The G20 Summit is coming to Toronto.

While it would be nice to see some of the world leaders, possibly listen to their discussions or even hear debates on the policies of these world leaders from these 20 countries, that won’t be possible.  It turns out that there are some people (a bunch of lunatics) who are intent on furthering their own agendas and feel that by protesting and threatening violence they can achieve their goals.  It is these threats of violence and destruction which are responsible for a security fence which will cripple the downtown Toronto core weeks prior to the event.

The fence will be built beginning June 7th and is outline in this map;  in yellow as being the security perimeter. Construction of this fence will go on 24 hours a day until it is completed.

The actual summit / meeting of world leaders, is due to take place between June 26-27 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Some things about this summit have irked me;

1. The cost of 1.1 billion dollars for security to ensure the world leaders are safe. This money would have been better spent on subways.
2. Protestors. These guys come in by the boat load aimed at causing chaos, confusion and destruction to this city. They have even set up a webpage with the location and types of protests.  It can be seen here;
3. That the Federal government who are hosting this event are not holding themselves responsible for damage to buildings stemming from protests. I’m a Conservative guy, but really? I think the fact that they expect insurance will take care of it is okay, but the Feds need to ensure any business or building damaged as a result of this event is fixed at no cost to the owner.

Do we really need this in our city?!?  I believe if any group is intent on, or have even said that they will be responsible for unrest, damage to world leaders of this City, that the RCMP should round them up now and hold them until August.  Better yet, don’t let them in the country.   If the protestors organizers are influencing the masses to cause trouble, throw them in jail for disturbing the peace and charge them!   Be proactive, not reactive.

Being reactive gives publicity these organizations the publicity they want.

I’m not sure how bringing to the world’s attention Canada’s treatment of the native people back in 1867 is going to make a stitch of difference for those living in Cambodia, or anada today.

I wish for the sake of the already short summer’s in Canada and the poor businesses who may be are being forced to shut down for this event, that the protestors keep it civil and allow the RCMP and local police the opportunity to scale down… That way everyone wins.

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Gary Coleman has died

According to (although I saw it first on the Huffington Post website), Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42 after being taken off life support.

He was in a coma following a fall at his home.

Coleman, best known for being Arnold in the TV Sitcom Diff’rent Strokes used to say, “What’choo talkin’ ’bout?” to his big brother all the time. That catch phrase got to be so big that it was used at least once per show to large applause.

Gary was cast for the show because of a congenital kidney defect, more commonly known as Nephritis which stunted his growth and would never allow his body to grow more than 4’ 8”. Gary underwent kidney transplant surgery in 1974 and again in 1984, which resulted in daily dialysis for the remainder of his life.

Health issues aside, Gary made it back into the public eye due to a much publicized battle with his adopted parents and his former manager for misappropriation of his trust fund from his days on Diff’rent Strokes. He was finally awarded close to $1.3 million in February of 1993. In 1999, Coleman filed for personal bankruptcy, which he claimed was due to mismanagement of his finances. He married in 2009.

Gary Coleman dead at age 42… What’choo talkin’ ’bout, Urban Daddy?

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things my kids have said recently which made me look at them twice, puzzled / surprised or shocked.

13. When my 5-year-old son did not want to eat his dinner and was making a scene, his 3-year-old brother turned to him and said, “You get what you get so don’t get upset”.
12. “I always ask for macaroni and cheese and I never get to eat it!”  My 3-year-old diva blurted this out after bursting into tears upon the arrival home from school and smelling the cooking food at the door and concluding it’s not mac and cheese.  Apparently he really wanted mac and cheese…
11. “1 more sleep until we go to Starbucks Gramma.”
10.  “Hey Grumpy” (what my 3- year-old calls his grandfather)

9.  “You won’t remember anyway.”   My 5-year-old’s favourite comment to me after we punish him for something…

8. “Baby girl goes home from Christmas with our nanny because they are both not Jewish.”  My son trying to ship off our daughter over the holidays…

7.  “I love you daddy because some times you let me have treats”

6.  “Don’t tell Mummy so she won’t get mad at you.”

5. After spending over a month saying “DA DA. DA DA. DA DA DA DA DA to my 5 month old, so looked at me on Mother’s Day – without her mother around and said, “MA MA… MA MA MA MA MA”

4. In response to the question, “Why did you hit your brother?”, I got back, “Because he was going to hit me first”.

3. 5-year-old Stewie wakes up from bed and comes downstairs around 11:30pm a couple weeks ago and tells me that he could not sleep because he forgot to tell / show me something. This was what he said to me; “Daddy, do you like Mondrian? I’d like my room painted in the Mondrian style… boxes painted black, red and yellow.

2. “Hi Muffin!!!” This is what my kids were yelling at anyone and everyone who were watching them at the Centre Island amusement park on the long weekend.  They yelled at staff, spectators and complete strangers.

1.  After forcing our nanny to move his smoothie into 3 different glasses my wife stepped in and demanded our three-year-old stop playing games and just drink his smoothie at which point he spun to her and yelled, NO!  I make the rules!!!”.

Oh boy…

What have your kids said that left you in the same state?

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What a Long Weekend…

I forgot to post this article, so I am posting it today (I scheduled it for 2011 by accident). It originally was meant to be posted May 26, 2010.

This post is a recap of a fun-filled long weekend in Toronto.

I’m kind of glad it’s over, but really unhappy that it had to come to an end already. If you are a parent, you know exactly what I mean when I say that. We were having a lot of fun as a family, but when it’s go, go, go after a long week at work, you sometimes need to go back to work to relax after a hectic weekend.

Unlike most (long) weekends where we “play it by ear” (read: stay at home and clean, my awesome wife actually made plans with our friends and their kids, so as a result, we spent the three days running around the city, seeing Toronto and hanging out as a family.

It all began Friday right after work, with a Tot Shabbat at my son’s school.  It was pretty last minute, so we did not go for the dinner, but we did go for the children’s event afterwards, which was bongo drumming. After the kids drummed until they could drum no longer, everyone picked themselves up and went over to the services.

After a fun song filled service we left the chapel and went to the next room so the kids could run around and have a cookie and cup of apple juice.  There was more coffee for the parents there… Thank goodness.

On Saturday we got up nice and early (6am for my kids) and made our way to mid-town TO to go to the museum with friends of our and their two children.  We saw dinosaurs, the bat cave, monkey bones (Stewie REALLY wanted to see them… Don’t ask) and a bunch of other cool things.

We managed to stay there into early afternoon after which we packed up our belongings (read: kids) and headed over to the new outdoor shopping mall at Don Mills and Lawrence, to pick up some clothes for my poor wife who only seems to buy clothes in bunches every four years.  I stayed in the car while all three kids slept so she could shop in peace and quiet.

When she returned and the kids awoke, we turned our attention to food and drove over to the grocery store, went shopping and then took all the healthy food home for dinner, then a bath and bed.


Sunday morning saw another early start, this time we went East for a trip to the Metro Toronto Zoo. It’s a great place to get some fresh air, plus we have a membership there, so the price is right. 🙂

At the zoo we walked a LOT, saw some great aminals – like monkeys (this is what Stewie wanted to see yesterday but upon hearing we were going to the museum thought monkey bones would be more reasonable because everyting at the museum was dead, right?!?).

After a picnic lunch we walked some more then headed home for a few hours rest, before meeting my mother and sister for dinner at the “round” restaurant, aka the Mandarin.

Holiday Monday saw another early morning and this time a trip downtown to the Toronto Islands where we met up with some great friends of ours and their three kiddos.  Once on Centre Island, we trekked over to Centreville, where the four walking kids got go on a ton of rides, eat a picnic lunch, toss around a football, eat ice cream and get good and tired for the end of the day.  The non-walkers giggled and slept in strollers and carriers.

The only unfortunate part of Monday was that the baby got too much sun and threw up her avocado all over herself.  She did not sleep well Monday night!

So Tuesday morning the kids got up a little later than normal, between 6:30-7am and both my wife and I were exhausted all day, but boy did we have fun on the weekend.

Hope you did too.