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Thursday Thirteen

My Thursday Thirteen focuses on the 13 sites I visit frequently on the net (in no particular order)

13. The Redneck Mommy, Tanis Miller. I actually met her at a Toronto blogging get together a few year ago. She flew in from Edmonton for the party (and no, I did not ask her if her arms got tired). She a nice girl, very down to earth and if you read her blog, an awesome mother. One reason for giving her the props over other Toronto bloggers is because, well, she’s an Oilers fan, and as a Torontonian, we need the Oilers to stink so the Maple Leafs don’t give Boston the 1st overall pick. Is that not why we gave them for Leafs coach Pat Quinn. 🙂

12. The Report on Business Managing section. I like this site because not only does it give me tips and techniques to improve my management approach, but it helps me better understand my staff.

11. Slam Sports – This website has great coverage of all sports, especially wrestling.

10. Intaxicating – my tax management blog. Currently at, soon to be hanging out at

9. I have really started going to this indie music site in order to find so new, fresh, music to listen too. It also doesn’t hurt that the co-founder and CEO, Elliot, is a great guy and appreciates everyone checking out his site and spreading the word to corporate Canada and America.

8. This is my sports blog and I use it to vent about sports instead of venting to my wife. I know she appreciates it, and so do my followers.

7. Twitter – I’m taxman18 and I tweet about crap. 🙂 Come check me out.

6. On Facebook, I check out and play the Jedi vs> Sith application each and every day. I’m something like 64th in the world in this game and I believe there are 12 million registered players. I am currently Go Canada Go (from the Olympics) but usually battle under Dark Lord Solo, Auto-loser, or Wall of Shame 2009. I challenge you!

5. Linked In. It’s getting to be a lot of fun although I don’t interact as much as I should.

4. Igoogle. My email, family calendar, news stories and the like are all available through this fabulous website.

3. The Cheaty Monkey. Haley is our neighbour, and our kids went to the same school. We try to make the Cheaty Home our last stop on Halloween night.

2.  This is where my wife posts pictures of her jewelry for show and sale.  Beautiful and worth it.

1. Well this one of course.

So where do you go often?