Raisins come from Grapes, People come from Apes…

Quite a few months past I wrote a blog post titled, “Raisins come from Grapes”, https://urbandaddy.wordpress.com/2009/10/23/raisins-come-from-grapes/.  The purpose of that post was to point out that raisins are really not that great of a snack for little kids. 

That line comes from a Barenaked Ladies song entitled, “Raisins”.

We were listening to that song on the car on the weekend for the first time in ages when the second line of the song was sung by the band…

“People come from apes [I come from Canada]”.

My 5-year-old heard that and commented immediately that, “they are not right.  It’s not true.”

Confused, I told him, “Yes, it is true, the Barenaked Ladies DO come from Canada”.

“No Daddy”, he said.  “People do not come from apes… G-d creates people”.


How do you explain evolution to a child you have chosen to but in a private school which tells them that G-d created the earth?

“Ask Mummy”, I told him.

And so I did.  I asked a few friends too.  How do you tell your kid that you fully believe in evolution without actually telling him that you do not believe that G-d created man, in fear that he may tell his classmates resulting in him being punished or ridiculed.  

A good suggestion I heard was to tell him about evolution and that as part of evolution, G-d created man.

I’m not 100% sure how to address this issue. Can anyone help?


2 thoughts on “Raisins come from Grapes, People come from Apes…

  1. urbandaddy April 8, 2010 / 12:48 pm

    Hey Mapsgirl, what a great resource. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if urban mummy has seen this before. She is a science-gal and as I mentioned in the post, are going to have to explain to the kids the science behind G-d. This may help.


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