Out of the mouths of babes

My 5 year old had a play date this afternoon with his “silly friend”, a girl from his class.

Just yesterday he told me that he did not want to go to grade one next year, “It’s too much work / too much writing”, he said.  Instead he wanted to be a “general manager”. 

“Where?” I asked him.

“In your work, Daddy”, he replied.


But today when I asked him the same question, he had a different answer for my wife and I.

Today he said, “I may change my mind as I get older, and one day I would like to live in the same house with my classmate / playfriend, and we will work together”.

Maybe this will work out after all… He had zero interest in hockey. Told me that when he was three. “Daddy, I don’t like hockey”… But this silly friend of his plays hockey so now he is suddenly interested. He even now knows who Sidney Crosby is.

And… When it comes to rooting for a team he now knows to root for the Canada Leafs (Toronto), and in the past he liked the team that wore red, and Buffalo, NY and NJ because he had been there, and he liked Florida because Disney is there, Ottawa because a classmake moved there and Montreal because his best friend’s grandmother lives there.

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