It’s not rocket science

It’s really not rocket science. It’s common sense. I feel like changing the name of my blog from urbandaddy to common sense.

I heard three stories today which made me smack my head and wonder if common sense is a gift or if some people had theirs burned away from too much drugs or too many shots to the heads.

Case in point…

There was a report today that accidents increase 17% on the Monday following daylight savings time. Why? Because people lose an hour of sleep and are more likely to fall asleep in their cars or not be awake enough to drive responsibly.


If people cannot function with an hour less sleep they must not have ever had / or have children.

But really, so if that is the problem then maybe day light savings should be 15 minutes every week for a month, or split it into two time shifts, or… move it to Friday night / Saturday morning so people have that extra day to get used to the time shift. Or… This one is tricky… Change your clocks ahead (for Spring) the day before and use that day to adjust to the time change.


Too many options…

The next story surrounds studies into heart attacks and states quite frankly that downturns in the market have been shown to have caused heart attacks…


So maybe a solution is for those who have heart problems should not be allowed to play the market… Or if they choose to play it and have a heart attack, they knew the chances.


We call it natural selection.

The third story surrounds Corey Haim. His funeral is in Toronto tomorrow and the rumour is that the City is paying for some of it because there were no funds in his estate left to pay for anything, let alone a funeral. I mean what 38 year old puts aside money for their death when their advisors don’t make them, and they are so drugged up that they feel invincible.

If Corey had good handlers or role models around him he would be alive, and struggling with addiction instead of dead and broke.

I’m sure when he grew up he wanted to make it in showbiz and be somebody. He had his 15 minutes of fame and addiction took it from him way too soon.

The glaring message here folks… As clear as common sense… Don’t do drugs. Any drugs… As you never know how addictive a personality you have and you may get hooked. It happens to the best of us. The worst of us go on crime sprees to feed their habit and cause pain for others in the process.

In the end, drugs – when abused – cause heartbreak, sadness and death.

We don’t know how our bodies are going to react to these drugs so the best way to live a vibrant, happy life is to say no.

I know this sounds cold, but with every “celebrity” that dies from an OD way back to Kurt Cobain (where drugs messed him up and he shot himself) to Chris Benoit (who abused steroids) to Michael Jackson and his prescribed painkillers (thanks Sarah) to that DJ who survived a plane crash with Travis Barker only to OD, or Corey Haim… You are messages to the youth of today to stay away from drugs…

That is, if they have the common sense to see that.


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