Remind me again why I blog?

I am slowly approaching 500 posts covering almost 5 years of my life. I sit back sometimes wondering if that on it’s own makes me a blogger or if I really need to put some effort into my posts – like proof reading them – in order to for these posts to make sense. Someday I feel legit and some days I feel like a fraud. Some days I question why it is that I blog, and the answer to that questions is always found within myself whenever I see something or think of something that I must write about. 

I think deep down inside blogging allows me to put down my thoughts in case I need them in the future. 

Looking back, I have written some really good posts that I am really proud of, and some just horrible ones which have caused me grief from the second I pressed “publish”.  I have been nice, supportive and caring and I have been an asshole. But hey, it’s my blog and I can act how I want, correct?

One thing that has always puzzled me from the beginning is that I never really figured out how to attract readers to my blog other than the 20-30 who follow me on a regular basis.  I messed around with the tags and found readership would peak around them, but look funny days after with all the valleys.

For me, blogging changed the day 1980’s wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano died.  He was a manager in the WWE (then WWF) and he was good at what he did.  That was from my era, so I wrote a post.  To this day I get dozens of hits per day on that post alone.  At one point I had hundreds of hits per day, with the majority of them on the Captain.  

In messing with my tags, I also posted some comments around stuff I see on the net and used tags like, “penis”, “vagina”, “sex”, and the sort and that brought in hits of probably angry perverts in the 50’s to 100’s. 

Another odd success story for me was when I heard about a female bobsleigh whose pants ripped open and he black g-string was exposed, I commented on that at and that post gets me hundreds of hits per day.

So as I sit pondering life and how my belly button gets filled with fluff all the fucking time, I wonder if I should be trying to attract readers by taking my blog deeper into my inner-pervert – not so much like my friend and super-blogger Tanis @ the Redneck Mommy  and talk about dying my pubic hair (red: for Canada Tanis, not blue for the Toronto Maple Leafs) OR should I ride on the Captain Lou wave and post endless stories about 80’s wrestlers and the memories I have of them.


I keep posting interesting shit that matter to me only and if anyone else agrees, disagrees or wants me to shut the fuck up, they can comment.

P.S. I’ll be interested to see how many hits this post gets since I have touched a bunch of key points.  LOL.


One thought on “Remind me again why I blog?

  1. someone March 15, 2010 / 10:35 am

    To get people to read and comment, you need to read and comment on other blogs. It’s very simple – it’s not all about you, it’s about other people too.


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