Thursday Thirteen – Spring is Coming version.

Thirteen veggies (and fruits) I intend on growing in my garden this year.  Hoping to get the seeds planted inside on the weekend.  The seeds are all organic or heirloom.

13. Dinosaur Kale – roasted crisp in the oven with some salt and oil is a treat for everyone with this uber-healthy veggie.

12. Beans – Kids LOVED the huge vine last year

11. Tomatoes – lots of weird and odd varieties, like the yellow peach one that grow great, as do the zebra striped ones and the pink ones and the lime ones…

10. Chickpeas – never tried them before… Found seeds in the cupboard

9. Golden Beets – love them roasted.

8. Carrots – the heirloom variety are multicoloured and odd shapes.  Kids love eating purple, white and red carrots.

7. Peas – got a ton of them last year too.

6. Pak Choy – have to buy this one…  For the nanny… And Okra too.

5. Basil – lots of varities – spicy, globe, italian, greek…

4. Cucumbers – they grow well in my garden traditionally.

3. Either Watermelon, Pumpkin, Honeydew or Cantelope – for kicks.  They never grow… Bugs eat the leaves and squirrels eat the plant.  My kids did buy a packet of pumpkin seeds with their own money on our trip to Buffalo last month.  A variety of types and colours of pumpkins.

2. Onions / chives / leeks – because my youngest boy eats the chives which keep coming back year after year on their own.  He loves them. 

1. A Money Tree!!!  But really, see the list below of the items which return on their own each year to our delight…

I’d love to find / plant water chestnuts – I wont eat them but they grow like a weed, and peanuts.  I also want to plant a fruit tree in the back corner… But if we move, it wont be there…

Each year the chamomile, strawberries, chives and raspberries come back on their own.  Can’t wait!!!

What will you grow?


3 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen – Spring is Coming version.

  1. urbandaddy March 17, 2010 / 2:53 pm

    So all the seeds are planted. Didn’t get to #3, but bought some patio cherry tomatoes and okra and an indoor non-edible banana plant.

    Can’t wait!

    Almost bought grapes – there were purple and green seedless, but the green ones didn’t look very healthy.

    That and I have no where to plant it. 🙂


  2. urbandaddy March 14, 2010 / 9:38 am

    Planted all the seeds yesterday morning with the help of the boys… Can’t wait for them to sprout.


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