Corey Haim Dead at 38

Whew.  Who saw this coming?  Well, pretty much everyone, I think.  When I heard the news that Corey Haim had dies from an “accidental” overdose last night, my first thought was, of course it’s accidental, otherwise it’s suicide.  My other thought was, this was a foregone conclusion that this former 80’s actor would OD.  He’s been a train wreck for years.

I shouldn’t have to say this again, but Urbandaddy’s public service announcement is as follows; Kids!  Do not do drugs.  They are addictive and they kill.

So who was Corey Haim, you ask?

The Canadian-born Haim (from Toronto) burst onto the scene in the 1980’s and starred in movies such as “License to Drive” and “The Lost Boys”, usually paired with the other Corey, Corey Feldman.  Both were considered to be heart-throb.  The 2 Corey’s ended working together as recently as three years ago when the two starred in a reality-TV show called “The two Coreys” basically chronicling very public battles with drugs, alcohol and the law.

So if drugs don’t kill you right away they do a number on your body and your bank account.  At one point Haim had ballooned to over 300 pounds, and had been to rehab over 15 times, without success.  In 1997 he filed for bankruptcy listing debts for medical expenses and more than $200,000 in state and federal taxes.  His assets at the time of death included a few thousand dollars in cash, clothing and royalty rights. 

Sadly this man’s life is a walking billboard for saying no!


4 thoughts on “Corey Haim Dead at 38

  1. Sarah March 15, 2010 / 8:02 am

    Did you know that the City of Toronto is paying $20K towards his funeral? Thought you would appreciate that as much as I did when I heard it on the radio this morning!


  2. urbandaddy March 11, 2010 / 7:45 pm

    Good point indeed. But this stuff is also available over the Internet, I believe, so kind of hard to track. I still think the best way to protect your self is to not try it. I read somewhere that Corey Haim’s first “drug” was a joint he smoked at the age of 12. Look where he is now…


  3. Brenda ND March 11, 2010 / 2:36 pm

    It’s very sad when someone who seems to have such a bright future gets so lost. Sad. Hopefully others can learn from his mistakes and troubles.


  4. Sarah March 11, 2010 / 11:23 am

    And remember to say no to prescription drugs too, not just street drugs. They are just as bad and just as addictive. Doctors should be more responsible when prescribing opiods to people. Heath Ledger, Corey Haim and many others overdosed on prescription drugs. Vicodan, oxycontin, percocet etc be wary if you are prescribed these, they are VERY addictive and sometimes it happens to just your average person, the kind of person who would never dream of trying cocaine, heroin etc. And that is my public service announcement.


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