Canadian Politics, Olympic Style.

So here we are at the end of the Vancouver Olympics after watching a thrilling Canadian victory in the Men’s Ice Hockey gold medal game and there in the crowd cheering on the Canadian squad was Prime Minister Steven Harper. 

The Prime Minister, actually, was in attendance for most of the key events in the past week cheering on his country – I mean what else could he do after proroguing parliament until after the Olympics were over.  He was clearly saving the country money by staying in Vancouver rather than flying back and for parliament.

I like that during the gold medal game there were camera in several key Canadian locations, such as; Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia – where Canadian hockey phenom Sidney Crosby was born – in Wayne Gretzky’s bar in downtown Toronto and in Kanduhar, where Canadian soldiers are stationed.

After panning through the locations several times I noticed something odd… pportunistic, actually. There was a person – a couple actually – right up in the front of the crowd at Wayne Gretzky’s bar, not watching the game, but rather always looking right into the camera looking REALLY happy.

Upon further inspection, it was Federal NDP leader Jack Layton.  Always the opportunist, I imagine that Layton pushed, prodded and snuck his way to the front of the bar with wife Olivia Chow in order to be there for the camera shots.  A man of the people, eh Jack? It looked really phoney and that he was trying to keep up with the PM. I know it’s tough being the 3rd or 4th most popular party in Canada, but really who wants to see them every 2 minutes?

And where was Michael Ignatief?  Last I saw he was in Ottawa talking about how it was more important for him and the rest of his colleagues to be pushing policies through than to be at the Olympics.  WRONG!  Once again, Ignatief missed an opportunity to be seen supporting Canadian athletes  across the country.  He could have been shown at each and every event like Harper was, but instead of Harper’s rather stoic demeanor, Ignatief could have been showing Canada how cool he thinks he is and he should have been cheering, talking and making friends with Canadians.  Instead… He chose to stay home and missed a phenomenol photo op. Canada kicked ass during the Olympics, and the most prominent face in the crowd was our PM.

He gets my vote. 

He cares.

Ignatief?  Layton? 

No thank you! These parties need new strategists!

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