Repost: My first born at 22 months old

Let me start this repost by stating the obvious…

I hate the Second Cup.  Their coffee is ALWAYS bitter… and at $2.07 for a large, they are another price increase away from bankruptcy.  Plus, they never have the good flavours – Butter Pecan, Caramelo, or Cinnamon Hazelnut, out, just the crappy Irish Cream (barf).

So as a result… I’d rather walk the extra 8 blocks (even in the rain) to get my large double double from Tim Horton’s or even the 4 blocks to Starbucks for a Cafe Americano.

My point???

My wife, when pregnant with our second child, loved to drink the Second Cup’s frozen hot chocolate drink, (now called skinny chocolate chiller) and as a result, I often went there, alone, with her, or with Linus to get her one.  Sometimes in a moment of desperation, I would decide to have a cuppa bitterness for myself – which always ends bad for me.

Sorry.  Back to the story…

Now the Second Cup near us (on Avenue Road) has a really nice kid working there, with long hair and porkchop sideburns who marvelled one day at Linus’ sign language and more recently on how much he loved the live music that was being played in the store and hoe much he enjoyed dancing.  A real cutie my boy is.

So would it come to anyone’s surprise that tonight as I took the Linus to Shoppers Drug Mart for more diapers, we ran into that kid who works at the Second Cup (out of context, nonetheless) and my son would point at him and say, “Coffee”.

Smart, eh?

But there is more.

He then said to him, “Large Double Double”. Not once, but 4 times.

After we both chuckled about it, the Second Cup guy said, “Do you want a double espresso… ha ha ha”, to which my son replied, “Linus no coffee… Daddy coffee”.

I love this kid.  He’s going to smart like his Mummy… Whew.

Did I mention he learned to say “coffee” and “hockey” on the same day?!?

That was a great day in his development.

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