Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that caught my attention;

13) Some idiot Mercedes 4-matic driver this morning, license plate BDTS 134 who drove the entire stretch of road from Lawrence to Eglinton on Bathurst) in the middle of 2 lanes. Yes he was old, but he also didn’t give a shit and that is why I think Mercedes drivers are idiots. BMW drives are assholes, but some, not all, Mercedes drives think because they own (or lease) one, they can do what they want.

12) My son’s school collected new pairs of socks to distribute to Toronto’s homeless and on Tuesday they made sandwiches to distribute along with the socks to their “homeless friends”… Awesome!

11) My almost 10 week old daughter today found toys. Yay.

10) My 9 week old daughter a few mights ago found her fist and was watching it in awe as it slowly crept closer and closer to bopping herself in her eye. She blinked, it moved and she seemed surprised it was gone. LOL.

9) In London, England, British authorities ordered a man to take down his castle he built and kept hidden from them for over 4 years. That’s the situation faced by Robert Fidler, a farmer who lost a High Court bid Wednesday to protect the once-secret castle he built 40 miles (65 kilometers) south of London and kept hidden from planning authorities.

The adverse decision means Fidler’s roof must come down. He has one year to comply unless an appeal is successful.

To keep prying eyes from noticing his unauthorized abode, Fidler placed bales of hay and tarpaulin around his dream home in Salfords, Surrey, authorities said. The court ruled he could not benefit from his deception.

Mike Miller, a chief planner with the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, said the council was delighted with the decision, which it viewed as vindication of the decision to challenge Fidler in court.

“This was a blatant attempt at deception to circumvent the planning process,” he said, adding that Fidler now has one year to destroy the castle, remove the ruins and return the property to its original state.

The unusual castle, complete with cannon, ramparts and stained glass, was completed in 2002 and Fidler lived there with family for more than four years before the authorities started legal action against him.

Fidler, who has had disagreements with planning authorities before, anticipated that his request for permission to build the castle would be denied, so he tried to take advantage of a rule that allows a structure to be legalized if it has been lived in for four years. “It has been pursued at the expense of the taxpayer which we find deeply regrettable — but Mr. Fidler will continue to fight for the right to live in his home,” the his lawyer said.

8) That anti-Semitic, drunken douche bag is at it again…  While promoting his new movie, “Edge of Darkness,” Mel Gibson was caught on tape making a complete ass out of himself.  

In the video which is probably already viral, Gibson called his interviewer an asshole after the interview was over which still miked for a taped interview with Chicago’s WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards.  During the interview, Richards asked Gibson if he felt like he was “a different person, a better person,” than he was four or five years ago, noting that the actor has “had a lot of ups and downs” since then.  (In 2006, Gibson was arrested for driving while under the influence, and made anti-Semitic remarks to his arresting officers.)

During the interview with Richards, Gibson responded that the past few years have been “a real roller coaster ride,” but said he thinks he’s the same person he always was.

Richards then asked Gibson if he felt the public would receive him differently, at which point Gibson became visibly agitated.  “That’s been almost four years, dude,” he told Richards. “I’ve moved on. But I guess you haven’t.” Richards said he just wondered whether Gibson thought the public had moved on, to which Gibson replied, “Well, I certainly hope so. That was a while back, and I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas, so … let’s move on, dude.”

Richards wrapped up the interview with a standard thank-you-for-coming, and Gibson, drinking coffee, gave the reporter a thumbs-up before muttering a loud-and-clear “asshole” right into his mic before the satellite feed was cut.

This comes after an interview with CNN affiliate station KTLA, where entertainment reporter Sam Rubin asked Gibson if his long absence from acting had anything to do with the alleged anti-Semitic remarks. Gibson denied he ever uttered statements of that nature, and then asked Rubin, who is Jewish, “I gather you have a dog in this fight?”

Gibson has since apologized to Rubin for the query, Rubin confirmed.

Gibson’s publicist Alan Nierob said Gibson was not aiming his expletive at WGN’s Richards, but rather at Nierob himself, who was “pulling faces” during the interview.

I’m sorry but I still think of Nazi Mel and no matter what he does, or how he pretends to be remorseful or deny any wrongdoing I will never support his work, see his movies or consider him to be credible at anything.

7) The Super Bore aka the Super Bowl is coming up… Saints vs. Colts.  You heard it here first.  The Saints WILL win.  Guaranteed.

6) Heard a commercial for McCains, I think.  Says the number one asked question is “what’s for dinner”, and the number one question not asked question is, “what’s in dinner”… Really?  Not sure I believe that.

5) Saw a show called Undercover Boss… Great concept.  Watch it if you can.

4) Sad to hear that Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke’s son passed away in a car accident in Indiana. 

3) Shuffling off to Buffalo… Really.

2) Love my daughter… Hated when she holds her poo for 2 days then explodes when we are out of the house.  Messy is an understatement.

1) Unions.  Specifically the TTC union and the Ontario college teachers union.  For some reason both these groups of thugs seem to think they can hold the city hostage under the guise of “doing it for the people”.  If you really wanted to do it for the people – you know, as public servants – you would not demand 3% raises every year and set limits on the amount of work you perform.  I find it appalling that in times of recession, when private sector jobs begin to disappear and people are asked to work harder, do more and cover off tasks from others, that unions continue to do the same amount of work that they were mandated to do 50 years ago.  20 years ago a classmate of mine laughed that he was told to only wash 2 TTC buses an hour so that he doesn’t look bad.  After completing that task in 15 minutes he was told by the foreman to go sleep on the bus, all for $28 dollars an hour.   What has changed in 20 years?  That job now pays $47/hour.  Nothing else.  Same 2 buses, same procedure to sleep the rest of that hour so as to not do too much.  It’s a joke and it must be stopped.  Too bad TTC head Adam Giambrone – who has decided in the wake of his failure as TTC Chair – to focus on the Mayor’s job instead of fixing this mess first.  He has put too much attention on the fact he was sleeping around with multiple people rather than on getting his job completed.  These unions need to be removed right away and privatize this service in order to cap the escalating salaries without seeing any increase in production


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