Out of the mouths of babes

I picked up my 5 year old son and his friend from a birthday party on Sunday night.   In the car on the way to drop off my son’s friend, he asked me the following question;

How old was Michael Jackson when he died?

50, I responded.

WOW, said this boy.  My grandparents are like 70.  That was young.  What did he die from???

Wondering if I really want to have a discussion with this boy and my boy about death, I decided to take this opportunity to make this a public service announcement.

Drugs I said.  He took drugs and died.

No.  Seriously.

What I really said was;

He did not eat very well.  He didn’t eat his vegetables, he didn’t listen to his mummy and daddy, he didn’t concentrate in school, eat healthy meals, clean up his room, brush his teeth or take vitimins.  He didn’t sleep well, he hit his brothers and sisters and said bad things to people.

Oh… Said the boy.  But I remember when he was young, his skin was brown, and his hair was curly, then it got lighter and his hair straight, then he became white.

Not sure how to respond, I kept quiet, and he continued.

… and I remember the first time he did the moonwalk.  The first one.  Yup. 

Uh huh.  Sure.

I did not expect this conversation but it made me laugh…

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