Helping Haiti one Cookie at a Time

This morning my 5 year old boy walked into the bathroom while I was shaving and told me he figured out how to help the people of Haiti who were hungry and homeless after the earthquake there.

“Were going to package up cookies and, uh, other food and send it to the hungry people there”, he said.

“And how will we get the food to them, I asked?”

“We’ll take it to my school”, he said, “They send money there every day!”

All right, then. We’ll help the people of Haiti by sending them cookies – something so near and dear to my boys heart (a real treat for him). He must really want to help out.

Meanwhile in my 3 year old’s class, they have been collecting new socks to give to Toronto’s homeless and at the same time taking money for plating trees in Israel, AND money to send to Haiti to help out.

So I had to laugh the other day when he so proudly told my mother that we had given socks to send to the people of Haita “because the earth shook and their houses fell down and people have no place to live and need socks.”

I giggled and told him Haiti was a warm country and didn’t need our socks, but they needed our food and money to help the homeless.


I do kind of like his rationale batter…


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