Things overheard on a Monday Morning…

If you are a new reader you may not be familiar with the concept of this post.  Many moons ago I used to work for the government and during that time I had the pleasure of sitting near some wonderful and interesting civil servants. 

One year I had the “pleasure” of sitting near two good work friends who would spend about an hour and a half each Monday morning (from 7:30-9am) recapping their weekends and chatting about anything that popped into their minds. 

One time I heard something that sounded really odd and I wrote it down.  Over that year I must have posted 5 different Monday morning recaps under this title.

Below are snippets of actual conversations.  I did not make them up.

Read, laugh, scratch your head and enjoy. 

Things overheard on a Monday morning:

“Before Jesus came they used to sacrifice lambs, and humans to these G-ds, before Jesus came, whomever they are.  Then Jesus came and said you don’t have to do that anymore… that is why I have vegetarian blood. You can’t get iron from veg so I’m drinking protein shakes…”

“If you had to take a rocket to the moon, would you not check the gas?”

“We drink cows milk because “they” found something they wanted to sell, so they promoted it and forced everyone to drink it.”

Person A “Coffee: caffeine – clogs your system – is the problem – stimulates your heart too much. Dehydrates you. Diuretic. I’ll go to green tea.”

Person B “Green tea has 4 times the caffeine of coffee…”

Person A, “Well then I’ll go to a lemon drink!  Anything marketed is no good. I’ll show them!  I need more lemons in my diet anyways”

“Problem with blood pressure – is you have high cholesterol and the bad is higher than the good – chance of stroke is high. “They” want you to go on pills right away. “They” don’t want to take the time to help you, “They” get money for the pills and not for helping you.  If you’re overweight – stressed – blood pressure goes up – must be sick.  You’re money for “Them”.”

“Sodium – ratio of potassium to sodium is 3-1. If not 3-1 then high blood pressure. People are taking potassium in their diets to even out the ratio… Yeah!.”


2 thoughts on “Things overheard on a Monday Morning…

  1. Green Eyed Girl January 27, 2010 / 11:16 pm

    What and you don’t miss us…hahaha…btw those conversations are still going on….


    • urbandaddy January 28, 2010 / 12:43 am

      Who said I don’t miss you? LOL. There were some nice people there…

      I do miss those Monday morning catch-up sessions… You should sneak a tape recorder over there and capture them. You could make a movie and make millions. No one would believe they were authentic.

      I now spend a great deal of my day talking to you guys, mainly in HQ. It’s fun.


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