My kids

So my baby girls turned 2 months old today… How time flies.  It never flew with both my boys because they are so tiring with their non-stop energy and they love of talking.

For Berry, I can say that because, sadly, I’ve had to work through this newborn stage and I get very little time to spend with either mummy or baby…

And tonight my boys are sleeping (for how long who knows?) in their shared room in their bunk bed with 2 pictures taped to their door.  One picture looks happy the other looks sad… So I asked my wife what it was all about and this is what I got…

Apparently tonight they are back to being scared of monsters so my 5 year old drew a picture of the scariest monster he had ever seen with a line through it to indicate they are not allowed in the room. 

I love the way kids think!


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