Pet Peeve #8

So this morning I arrive at the Tim Horton’s nearest to my office before 8am and decide to slide in for a coffee.  The line-up is very long and circles around the inside of the coffee shop and coils back towards the door.  At the front of the line is a woman in a Canada Post (Canadian Post Office) jacket.  All of a sudden in walks a colleague of hers who smiles and says hello, then proceeds to walk to the end of the line. 

The Canada Post person says, “come join me in line”, but after seeing about 50 other people also in a rush glaring at them, decides to heard to the back of the line.  Then as soon as that first woman got to the front of the line up comes 3 other from within the line who drop their money down on the counter and order. 

Made the line stand still for a good 5 minutes.

I’m not complaining about buying a coffee from a friend / colleague at the same time you are ordering one.  Take their change, place the order at once and get on with life, but I really, and I mean REALLY hate when others descend on the line and take turns ordering as if it is their g-d given right to be able to jump the line because their colleague is there.

It was rude and pissed me the hell off.


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