I Do Know How to Read!

Tonight I sat in bed with my 3-year-old and instead of reading him a book, he decided he was going to read it to me.

He picked up the book, “Fish is Fish” by Lou Lionni, held it upside down, gave me a reassuring smile and proceeded to “read” me the story.

“Here are 2 fish”, he reads. “They are upside down”.

Turns the page.

“Here are 2 green fish, oh! They are upside down too!”.

Turns the page.

“And here are 2 more fish… upside down too”.

He looks at me and smiles. Looks down at the book. Looks back and me a little unsure. Then he shuts the book and says, “Why are all the fish upside down? I think the book is upside down.”

He then looked at the book the right side up. Opened it with a big smile, said “oh! this is the right way.”

Then he looked at the book and I think he realized he cannot read. He looked at the pages, shut the book and said, “I don’t want to read this book… I can’t read yet”.



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