Tuesday Newsday an Urbandaddy exclusive!

Thoughts about world events which peaked my interest or make me shake my head in disbelief:

1) Thousands of prostitutes are expected to descend on Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics there, to cash in on the swelling numbers of fans, media and Olympic employees.

Prostitutes who’ve arrived in advance of the Games’ launch on Feb. 12 are taking business away from the ones who live in Vancouver.  “It’s causing a bit of a financial crisis for us.  We’re all relying on the local clientele now. As more and more (sex) workers come here, our income is being divided even more.”  One prostitute said that she recently went two days without getting a single call from a client. “Never in my career has that happened before.”

2) Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol.






OK, the world didn’t stop spinning.  And this is news, why?  I thought they cancelled that show years ago.

3) Conan O’Brian is out as the host of the Tonight Show over a dispute with NBC which sees the struggling station pushing that show to 12:05am in order to put the Jay Leno show on at 11:35.  This would result in the Later show with Jimmy Fallon being bumped or ditched, neither of which were possible for O’Brian. 

Oddly enough, I hate Conan and could not stand to watch the Tonight show with Jay Leno after watching it with Johnny Carson.  something about Carson and McMahon (Ed McMahon).  But I do admire Conan for taking a stand and if not enhancing his brand, for bringing publicity back to the Tonight Show and NBC. 

I might actually watch it now.

On second thought… Nope.


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