Gym story

A friend of mine told me his gym story the other day.

He goes to the gym now and then and tries to keep in shape by keeping active.  He has not lifted free weights in almost 4 years.  For a new year’s treat to himself he hired a personal trainer.

On the first training session / assessment he is asked to perform a dumbbell bench press to test his arm strength.  The trainer gives him 2 25lb dumbbells and asks him to give him 8 reps.

After the reps the trainer asks him to assess how he is feeling on a scale of 1-20, where 1 is “piece of cake” and 20 is “I cannot lift another piece of paper, I’m that tired”.  My friend tells the trainer he’s at 5.  The trainer then says, good, give me 15 more.  So my friend lies on his back and gives 15 more presses.

After being asked how he feels again, my friend – feeling great from the free weights – decides he feels great and tells the trainer he’s at 10.

Smirking, knowing this is the first session, the trainer takes the 25lb weights, exchanges them for 30lb weights and asks for 15 more… slowly this time. 

Once the 15 were done, tired my friend announces he’s at about 17 and cannot do anymore and they move to the next exercise.

Care to guess who could not move their arms, shoulders and upper torso the next day?!?


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