Ipad, Itampon, Geez…

Apple’s iPad was only a few hours old and Twitter was full of comments on it.  The number one trending topic was #Itampon.  Now we hear news that Apple is already facing legal troubles.  Not terribly surprising, as “iPad” is hardly original and apparently Apple has somewhat of a history, stealing registered trademarks of other companies. A Japanese electronics company, named Fujitsu, […]

Things overheard on a Monday Morning…

If you are a new reader you may not be familiar with the concept of this post.  Many moons ago I used to work for the government and during that time I had the pleasure of sitting near some wonderful and interesting civil servants.  One year I had the “pleasure” of sitting near two good […]

My kids

So my baby girls turned 2 months old today… How time flies.  It never flew with both my boys because they are so tiring with their non-stop energy and they love of talking. For Berry, I can say that because, sadly, I’ve had to work through this newborn stage and I get very little time […]

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I have wanted to blog about but haven’t had the time. 13. Some stupid, fat, old, piece of shit was yelling at the staff at Tim Horton’s today because they refused to put more jam on top of his donut for free.  He called the server a “stupid bitch” and was really fucking rude.  […]