Don’t read this post!

I figure if I pick a title that is eye-catching it might attract traffic… Or probably not.

It was that or I fill up the tags section with words like “ass”, “fuck”, “sex” and “avatar”.  Well, Avatar might make the tags as it’s a movie I have zero interest in seeing.

Also of little interest to me is the argument in the US about health care.  I know you cannot make everyone happy and living in Canada our universal health care is one of the reasons our taxes are so high but then again I don’t need to call my doctor if one of my kids gets sick and have them meet me in the clinic after the confirm I have the right health insurance.  I pick my kid up and either take him to the doctor during the day, or a walk-in clinic or to the emergency area of a hospital without delay.  And it’s free.

 Another thing I do not understand is how some of my posts, like my coffee rankings, or my solution to terror in the air, receive so few hits or comments yet my post on Captain Lou Albano – who died recently – gets hit after hit after hit.

The Canadian Olympic hockey team is set to be announced tomorrow… And this is news why?  I lost interest in the Olympics when they stopped using amateurs.

My 3 year old asked me yesterday out of the blue if people use drains.  I assume he was asking if he can go down the drain when I drain the bathtub.

“No, people cannot use drains”, I replied.  He said thank you and away he went, looking quite relieved.

It looks like Tyra Banks is ending her talk show… Ooops.  Bad me.  Didn’t know she had one.

Saw there was a Gaza freedom march the past couple days… Against violence?  Against teaching their children to hate Israel and strive to become martyrs?  Doubt it.  But hey, they’re free to leave anytime… Oops.  No they can’t… Silly Egypt has built a giant metal wall.


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