My Christmas

My Christmas includes “Do they know it’s Christmas” by Band-Aid.  Cannot imagine the holidays without it.  Reminds me (and we don’t celebrate Christmas) that the holiday is about thinking of others first.  It is better to give than receive!

And a trip to the local fire station with my boys to drop off new toys that they have set aside from their birthdays to give to those who do not have and cannot afford. 

It’s VERY important that my kids understand during the holiday season that it is indeed better to give than receive.

Urbanmummy started this tradition of the kids giving their toys to charity, the 4th year for the boys.  She continues to instill the true meaning of charity into our household.

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One thought on “My Christmas

  1. Read this post by urbandaddy. Recommend to Bookmark and Share: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and re-post interesting articles and posts like this one.

    You mention that you don’t celebrate X-mas but you managed to this year. I hear it’s standard for non-Christians to have Chinese food and see a movie on x-mas day. Is that true? And of your plans, were they with Christians who celebrate x-mas or non-celebrating folks who need to get together too? It must be tough to spend x-mas with Christians who have their entire families over, unless you’ve been friends for ages.

    Just wondering.

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