Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful night full of surprises.

Our almost one month old baby girl had the biggest poo of her little life.  Poo flew right out of her diaper, her 3 layers of clothes, right through my shirt to my skin.  We were not at home.  We were invited to some friends for the first time and this will forever be their memory of me / us.   Our hosts had to get me a t-shirt and sweater to wear.  Not pretty.

What could top that event off?  How about both my boys going to the bathroom to poo there too.  Huge poo’s.

So poo aside, the food was delish, as was the company.  Had a great time. 

For dessert our host made rice krispy squares but instead of using marshmallows, she used 8 mars bars… WOW. It was wicked!!!

We talked about Santa. And the tooth fairy.

But all everyone will remember is the poo…


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