Too Green for the CBC?

I found out this week that we are too Green for the CBC.  That made me sad.  I was hoping to be a little too green for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation but it turns out after many phone and email discussions that we are just too green for them.


So what exactly does that mean?

Well, let’s go back a couple days to a tweet I saw on twitter coming from the CBC.  Turns out they were looking for a family to go totally green (read: environmentally friendly, not Kermit the Frog green) for a week or so, while the Copenhagen Conference was going on.  The intent was to show how green or not green the average Canadian family is, and to show ways to make them even more green – in light of these most important talks on the future of the planet.

Upon seeing the post I replied / applied.

And so the discussions began.

Thinking we were not green enough, and knowing we had a brand new baby, I figured we’d be a shoe-in for the TV spot.

But then after a couple days of discussing my family; our committment to recycling, hybrid vehicle, turning the thermostat down at night, running the dishwasher after 10pm when the rates are cheaper, hanging our clothes to dry, looking for local produce first or produce with less packaging, carpooling our kids to and from school, and in a previous life taking public transit to and from work or walking.  Also, bringing our own cloth bags everywhere, re-using and reducing before recycling and all that stuff, it was determined we are too green for this spot.

Damn again.  My kids would have been so cute on TV.

At least we know we are reducing our carbon footprint.

Now I don’t have to worry about getting the house clean for TV, I can go back to looking into a tankless water heater and sealing any leaky windows and doors.


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