OMG… Snow

It’s Toronto.  It’s winter.  It gets cold and it snows.  A lot.  You would think drivers would know to be cautious and slow down… but nope. 

Now that the first snowfall is on the ground, drivers get stupid.

We had a snow storm Tuesday night / Wednesday morning and here are some of my observations after spending 2 1/2 hours in my car on what should have been a 25 minute trip to the office;

Cars follow too close

Why it is that tow trucks get to sit on the shoulder of major highways, idle much longer than the 3 minute limit and drive like complete assholes most of the time.  What makes them so fucking important.

When the road is covered in ice why is there always that one asshole in a SUV or a minivan who you see racing up behind someone like their car has special tires, then at the last minute you see them slam their feet on the brakes and fishtail because you just can’t do that in the winter.  I wish I had the ability to take people’s driver licenses away on the spot.

I also had the opportunity to have to duck for cover as I was shovelling my driveway and the snow from in front of my house and a woman drinking a Starbucks coffee came flying down my street and splashed slush all over me.  Don’t these drivers realize in the winter than they should go slower than the speed limit when there is something on the road?

Or the idiot driver I was beside yesterday who was eating, on the phone – and driving in the right lane with a flat tire.

There needs to be graduated licenses for new drivers in Canada for winter driving.  For the safety of others.  It’s not a dig or cash grab against new Canadians, but driving in snow is tricky.  Even for the most experienced drivers.

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