Got a Tiger in Your Tank?

I really don’t want to talk about what is / may / may not be happening with Tiger Woods because, really I don’t care and also because it’s his private life and really is none of my business.  I don’t know what his relationship is like with his wife or kids and what the motive was for his alleged relationships and I won’t lose sleep over it.  I hope this whole issue blows over for him, for the sake of his children who do not need to be dragged into this mess.

What I did find interesting is 2 things;

1) That in Tiger’s press release he used the word “transgressions” and as a result of him using this word, it was the most “googled”  word for the day yesterday.  Apparently very few people knew what this word meant. 

2) I was also surprised by how little the mainstream media wanted to handle this issue right from the curiosity surrounding the extreme damage to Tiger’s car as it backed out of the driveway and smashed into a fire hydrant at 2am.  Or that he was found by neighbours snoring on the grass beside his crashed car, or how it was reported that his wife, golf club in hand, was trying to “rescue him from the car”.  I guess in order to get the story and not upset the Woods camp, you take the info you are given and put it out. 

I did think it was odd that he “accidentally” reversed his car out of the driveway so fast that it smashed into the hydrant and when I started hearing rumours that his wife was chasing his wielding a golf club I thought that was even more insane.   I read the headlines in the papers about how she saved him and I became even more skeptable.  something didn’t appear right.

But for some reason mainstream media took initial Tiger’s silence and dropped the story.  I guess in this day and age of multi-million dollar athletes you don’t want your news station to be the one to uncover a story that would damage that athlete’s reputation and become the one news outlet who his people will no longer grant him access to.  Celebs sell stories.  Stories about Tiger sell newspapers, commercial rates go up and he is responsible for putting the sport of golf on the front page again.  People watch golf to see what Tigers does.

So should I have been surprised then when slowly over the days facts about mistresses came leaking out, each one to an onlne news provider and each one lured out with a hefty fee paid to “encourage” them to go public.  The gig is up.  Tiger’s “relationships” are no longer private and these women he was in relationships with are being rewarded for no longer keeping their silence… No one wants to go down with the ship.  I guess this ultimately shows Tiger that none of these women could be trusted, they were in it for the money… yadda yadda yadda.

I just feel sorry for the kids and wonder what, if anything, this will do for his sponsors.  Will any pull him?  I can’t see that happening right away while the uncovering of exactly what his transgressions were is still underway.  Once details start to arise and you know they will – true or untrue – then we’ll see who sticks around.  I mean David Letterman’s ratings have gone up since he was almost blackmailed into admitting he was sleeping with his staff members while married. 

I think the general public are no longer shocked by these stories and tend to assume the worst right away.  But now we leave it to the online media to dig up the gory details and throw it in our faces…

And like a car crash on the highway of life, we don’t want to see anyone hurt, but we slow down to see the damage anyways.


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