The biggest asshole of 2009?

Besides me.

Was it:

Kanye West – hammered singer steals Taylor Swift’s thunder at an award show and reveals what an asshole he is.

Gilbert Arenas – points a gun at a teammate in the basketball team’s locker room in a dispute over a gambling debt.

Chris Brown – beats up his girlfriend, sig=nger Rhianna.

Jon Gosselin – Leaves his wife after raising 8 kids because he’s tired of  her being mean to him.  Awwww.

Tiger Woods – 13 mistresses ranging from porn stars to hookers.

Or is there someone else that stood out in your mind?  Toronto Mayor David Miller?  He did allow that strike / garbage dump in the middle of a kids day camp…


How you came to me…

On December 29th I had a whole bunch of hits.  Here is how people found me that day:


One post was legit – homebirth – since we had a homebirth with #2 and planned one for #3. 

The other tags???  Put there to test and see how people get here… Very disappointing for them it must have been.

Don’t read this post!

I figure if I pick a title that is eye-catching it might attract traffic… Or probably not.

It was that or I fill up the tags section with words like “ass”, “fuck”, “sex” and “avatar”.  Well, Avatar might make the tags as it’s a movie I have zero interest in seeing.

Also of little interest to me is the argument in the US about health care.  I know you cannot make everyone happy and living in Canada our universal health care is one of the reasons our taxes are so high but then again I don’t need to call my doctor if one of my kids gets sick and have them meet me in the clinic after the confirm I have the right health insurance.  I pick my kid up and either take him to the doctor during the day, or a walk-in clinic or to the emergency area of a hospital without delay.  And it’s free.

 Another thing I do not understand is how some of my posts, like my coffee rankings, or my solution to terror in the air, receive so few hits or comments yet my post on Captain Lou Albano – who died recently – gets hit after hit after hit.

The Canadian Olympic hockey team is set to be announced tomorrow… And this is news why?  I lost interest in the Olympics when they stopped using amateurs.

My 3 year old asked me yesterday out of the blue if people use drains.  I assume he was asking if he can go down the drain when I drain the bathtub.

“No, people cannot use drains”, I replied.  He said thank you and away he went, looking quite relieved.

It looks like Tyra Banks is ending her talk show… Ooops.  Bad me.  Didn’t know she had one.

Saw there was a Gaza freedom march the past couple days… Against violence?  Against teaching their children to hate Israel and strive to become martyrs?  Doubt it.  But hey, they’re free to leave anytime… Oops.  No they can’t… Silly Egypt has built a giant metal wall.

Terrorism in the Skies. My solution.

So Al Qaeda has decided to claim responsibility for the failed terrorist attack on Christmas day in Detroit.  Convenient.  Not sure why they are so proud that their specially trained mercenary almost burned himself to death instead of blowing up the plane, but then again, at this point in order to keep up appearances, if my toilet over-flowed, Al Qaeda would claim responsibility.

As a result of this near-disaster, CNN news and other stations have been buzzing with experts and eye-witnesses giving trade secrets and showing how terrorists have managed to circumvent the security of these airports and how easy it would be for this to occur on a daily basis. 

You’d think they were wide open for these attacks on a daily basis – like allowing wacko’s with bombs strapped to their backs to board planes, but security has been tight – not as tight as say El Al (Israeli airlines) but it’s tight.  

After 9/11, airlines responded swiftly by barring boxcutters and other sharp items like scissors and knives.  Smart move.  Hard to cut my food, so they removed the food to save money.

Then that idiot Brit they called the “Shoe Bomber” tried to set off explosives in his shoes, so now we have to remove our shoes as we pass through security.

Seeing the pattern now?

So no knives, blades, shoes, food, liquids, long waits and lots of searches to make sure families like mine are not carrying bombs and what results have been achieved?


Some piece of shit from Kenya decides he wants to create more flying terror for the civilised world – he fails to do what he intended to do – but the airline industry has responded loudly.  No more than one carry on, unable to leave your seat during the flight, no blankets, no pillows. 

Way to react.

But I’ve given this some thought and I have a solution.

The way I see it from up here in Canada, there are some countries really pissed off with the US.  They tend to come from some very radical counties like Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, Afghanistan and a bunch of other countries who hate democracy.

So here is my thought.

Do not allow anyone from these countries to fly over International airspace.

The way I see it is like this.  If I’m playing street hockey with my neighbours and one neighbour keeps hurting all of us, he’s no longer allowed to play.  Now it may take some time and some more injuries before someone has the balls to speak up, but it will happen.  Guaranteed.

So I challenge the international community to not allow citizens from these countries to fly.  If they must come, they can use their own planes, full of their own citizens once and only once the flight is full, and all the people and all the bags have been thoroughly searched.  Kind of like they do for transporting prisoners.

Then land the plane at the nearest airport to water, away from anything and anyone, and put them on another plane to their location.

Better to inconvenience a few than jeopardize the lives of the innocent, no?

If someone has been coming over to the US from Nigeria often, then allow them to fly.  If not and it seems odd, it usually is.  When a guy buys a one way ticket and travels with very little luggage, even I get suspicious. 

If you want the privilege of travelling to the US (and Canada) then you have to go through proper authorities.  Geez, if it was legal, the safest way for people to travel is nude, no?

So I forsee a bunch of really rich sheiks from the middle east flying in their own jets anyways and tourists come with their families, so question the single travellers who are making their first trips to the US, possibly the ones coming from the UK who may or may not have been hanging out in radical mosques and whose parents may or may not have been trying to tip-off US authorities as to the lack of common sense their child has been exhibiting.  That might be a good place to start.

Then if all goes well, the sale of picture books of US tourist sites should sky-rocket as less and less people will be flying to the US in order to cause shit.

I just feel that closing off airways to Nigeria right away might send a strong message to terrorists.  Keep your terrorist views to yourself or your country will suffer.

You never know…

Update: Someone was listening!!!

Announced Monday January 4th.  U.S.-bound air travellers from 14 countries considered either state sponsors of terrorism or “countries of interest” now face tougher screening measures.

My Christmas

My Christmas includes “Do they know it’s Christmas” by Band-Aid.  Cannot imagine the holidays without it.  Reminds me (and we don’t celebrate Christmas) that the holiday is about thinking of others first.  It is better to give than receive!

And a trip to the local fire station with my boys to drop off new toys that they have set aside from their birthdays to give to those who do not have and cannot afford. 

It’s VERY important that my kids understand during the holiday season that it is indeed better to give than receive.

Urbanmummy started this tradition of the kids giving their toys to charity, the 4th year for the boys.  She continues to instill the true meaning of charity into our household.