Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that ‘m thinking about as I wait for child #3 to make an appearance

13. Names. For a boy, for a girl, English names, Hebrew names, will the child like it, will it get them teased…

12. Do I have all the necessary supplies as we plan for another homebirth. I look everyday, I have the list at my desk and it causes me great stress to think that once active labour begins, that something may be forgotten. Having all the necessary supplies is the least I can do.  But if this baby requires a trip  to the hospital, I’m screwed and should do something about that like put together a travel bag…

11. Lack of sleep. Not that worried, I’m used to it, but carrying Stewie around with a herniated a disc in my back left a bad memory for me.  My wife on the other hand needs a ton of sleep, and once awake has a hard time going back to sleep.  Poor her.

10. If baby is a girl WTF am I supposed to do with that? I know boy parts, not girls parts. And yes, wipe from front to back is a good start but it can’t be that easy…

9. When will active labour start? I’ve been planning for this for weeks and as work gets closer and closer to my uber-busy period, I worry that it will come at a really terrible time (but I don’t care).  I’m ready to drop every thing to help out.

8. I think about clothes.  We have tons of boys clothes, but if it’s a girl, I don’t want her wearing blue… I want her in pink.

7. I wonder about family.  My mother and sister don’t see the kids that often as it is and if we really need the extra support will they we willing to pitch in for long periods of time?  I have no relationship with my Uncles and on my wife’s side all relationships have been getting better and better over the past 5 years.  Still not close, but improving!

6. Meconium poo.  That sticky, tar poo that you have to scrape off baby’s bottom.  I dread it and my wife has never cleaned one. 

5. What is this baby going to look like?  Pointy chin, big ears?  droopy left eye?   I’m betting on black hair and squinty eyes.

4.  Will anyone care besides us?  3 kids, geez.  That’s more kids than there are parents.  Are we being socially responsible having 3 kids?  I feel better since we live in an above average neighbourhood, used cloth diapers and drive a hybrid vehicle…

3.  The delivery.  I hope it goes well and we can have this baby at home and the mummy will be able to walk around after in as little pain as necessary.  I hope both mummy and baby come out of this delivery in the best shape possible.

2. How gutsy and courageous my wife is – and no, not for marrying me in the first place – but having to put your body and life on hold for 9 months prior to the birth and for 2 years after the birth. The delivery, contractions, pain, all that stuff. It’s inspiring, and amazing. Totally not for everyone (like men).

1. I think about my Dad and my Grandfather (Zaida) both of whom would have loved to have met my children. I am lucky to have them named in part after both of them but it does not and will never fill that void left by their passing.


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