Sewn to the ground

I love my family.  The make me laugh.  Especially my kids, Linus and Stewie, or monkey-see, monkey-do.  If one does something the other must do it.

The only place where they completely differ is around how they interact with each other, obviously, considering the ages.  Linus is going to be 5 soon, and Stewie just turned 3.  So here are some of the things I’ve had to deal with as these two grow up together;

Stewie: Crying

Me, “Why are you crying… Come here”

Stewie, “I can’t… Linus put me in a time-out”


Stewie: Crying

Me, “Stewie!  Come here”

Stewie, “I can’t… Linus sent me to my room”.

Or just last week…  Linus, Stewie and myself were playing in the basement when all of a sudden Stewie is laying on the floor on his back not moving a muscle and all of a sudden Stewie is crying.  I ask him to get up but he said that he cannot.  Why???  Because Linus sewed him to the ground.

Oh yes!

His brother had sewn him to the ground.

I tried to convince him that there was no way without thread and a needle that he could have been sewn to the ground and his brother even tried lifting him off the floor by his head, but that little boy was not going anywhere.  Then Linus let go of his head and it thumped back down to the floor.  Ouch.  More crying.

After laughing a little and trying to get him off the floor it was Linus that solved the problem by jumping over his brother and un-sewing him from the floor.

With that Stewie got up, stopped crying and the two boys went back to playing.

Oy vey!


One thought on “Sewn to the ground

  1. urbandaddy November 11, 2009 / 2:57 pm

    Or when he tells him to move over and that causes chaos. LOL.


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