It must be Monday

For a month (and probably all of last year) I really wanted to get my winter jack dry cleaned. The once while collar was greying and the jacket as a whole was getting a little on the, say, ripe side. Totally not cool.

So last night I decided on the plan. I was going to stop for a Tim Horton’s this morning and right beside it is a dry cleaner. While I’ve never been in there I see him putting his sign on the main street, shooing cars that park in the cleaners spots and passing out flyers for discounts. He even offers to do minor alterations for free.

But an odd thing happened along the way. I bought my large double-double, and when I carefully went to put it in the car (sorry… My wife should stop reading at this point)…

… and when I reached across the seat, it spilled a little puddle onto the seat. With no napkins in the car and either too fucking dumb or lazy to go back into the coffee shop to get one I reached for my jacket and used it to wipe of the spil. I mean, geez, it’ll be in the cleaners in a few minutes, right?

So I walk into the cleaners with a proud grin on my face, drop my jacket on the counter and the guy behind it looks at me and says this;

“Sorry. I cannot clean your jacket. I’m closing up the business in, ummm, an hour because no one come to have clothes dry cleaned”.

So I stood there… Thinking about how “wisely” I wiped up my coffee spill with my jacket and how inconvenient this was. It’s supposed to be 18 degrees today. Probably the warmest day before winter and everything was aligned to have this jacket cleaned…

… It’s Monday.  If  had brought my jacket in before and maybe a couple dress shirts here and there, the dry cleaners might still be in business.  Now all I have is a coffee smelling jacket and I’ll have to wait another year before getting it cleaned.

I’m not sure how I feel…


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