Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that ‘m thinking about as I wait for child #3 to make an appearance 13. Names. For a boy, for a girl, English names, Hebrew names, will the child like it, will it get them teased… 12. Do I have all the necessary supplies as we plan for another homebirth. I look everyday, […]

The end of the world must be near…

I think the end of the world is near.  It makes me sad, but I think this is it.  What else could explain the absolute shit that is on TV these days.  Celebrity Rehab, Sex Rehab, Paris Hilton’s BFF, Tila Tequila and fuck, even P. Diddy, or whatever the fuck his name is, has a “reality” show.  […]

November 28th, 2009

November 28th, 2009 represents the due date of my wife with our third child.  It’s been a long, tough pregnancy for both of us because of the fact we have two very active boys who keep us very busy (and tired), plus we are breaking in a new nanny who sleeps a little too much […]

A Crystal Meth Lab, you say???

Where?  Some crappy little town somewhere, right? What?  Around the corner from my house, backing on to the park that all the local kids play at, and what is this I hear about the backyard being booby-trapped.  A neighbour was told by the police this afternoon that the backyard – whose gate was open – […]