Thank you Google Street View!

I mean that…

Well, maybe it is a little sarcastic.

You see my wife and I had plans Saturday night (I know, can you belive it!) with a few other couples and we were all meeting up North of the city at a Japanese restaurant. 

After finding the address – and determining that it was very close to my office, I decided I could find it no problem, but since I did not recognize the name, I wanted to see view of the restaurant from the street.

So cleverly my wife went to Google Street View.

This is what we got…


Nice, eh?  If you look closely through the windows of the bus you can see the restaurant… Who am I trying to kid.  No you can’t.

So imagine being the company who directs people to their URL and then from there to this application in order to see where they are located only to find out that a giant fucking TTC bus is blocking the entire view.





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