Thursday Thirteen

Let’s have a good long look at my 13 biggest Pet Peeve’s.  

A pet peeve is a minor annoyance that is particularly annoying to me, to a greater degree than others may find it.  Examples may be poor table manners, sloppy kitchen hygiene, smoking, grammatical errors in written passages, inconsiderate driving or lazy co-workers, and loud gum smacking.

Here they are;

13. Stupid People

12. People who throw garbage out of the windows of their car while driving

11. Grafitti – Hey, you with that paint can who sprayed my house at 2 in the morning.  I’m going to follow you home and spray pain my stupid-ass gang logo on your house, room and clothes.  How much would you like that?!?

10. People who chew with their mouth open

9. Cigarette butt flickers.  They toss them everywhere and never put them out.  Probably because it’s so fucking cool…

8. Drivers who don’t use their turn signals.  I always want to yell, “Hey doofus… It’s called an indicator!  Are you that inconsiderate that you don’t feel like indicating your intentions…”  Then I whip out my dart-gun and flatten all four of their tires, driving away smiling and feeling great.

7. Woman who wear low cut clothes, and a big, flashy piece of jewellery right in the cleavage, so if you look at the jewellery, they think you’re a pervert… This has NEVER happened to me…  I just hear it’s a big problem.

6. Texting in work meetings… Really rude.  Can be problematic for those who are texting, especially if you are the boss.

5. People who cannot pick their feet up when they walk.  My son did this in the summer and completely wore out the heels of his shoes.

4. Spitters… UGH.  Oh, please can I now walk on your hork…

3. Inviting people over to your house for holidays and parties, meals and playdates but never getting invited anywhere by them…

2. People who have no idea what “personal space” is

1.  Empty coffee cups in movies or TV shows.  You know they are empty by the way the actor’s swing them around or when they make that empty-cup-sound once they are put down on a counter.  I hate that!!!  Hire someone if you have to, whose job it is to fill up the fucking cups.  Grrr, that pisses me off.


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