Captain Lou Albano

Captain Lou Albano, Famed Pro Wrestling Manager, WWE Hall of Famer Dead At 76.

RIP Captain Lou
RIP Captain Lou

A flood of memories came back to me upon hearing about the death of the Captain, Lou Albano at the age of 76, from natural causes.  He was the manager I hated the most in the 80’s and 90’s when I watched wrestling, when he was a good guy AND when he was a bad guy.  The guy made me sick, and I HATED the elastic bands that were clipped to his face by safety pins.  UGH.  To me, that means he did his job and did it well.  He garnered a reaction out of me every time he was on TV. 

In the wrestling business, he was known as the mouthpiece for some of wrestling’s most ruthless villains, including “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff and the Wild Samoans.  His biggest gift / major annoyance was his talking as I remember him yammering on in interviews about nonsense and at ringside constantly talking and yelling at his wrestlers and their opponents. 

Albano’s working relationship with Cyndi Lauper helped open the door to other celebrity tie-ins, and helped make the first WrestleMania event in 1985 a big success.  He was Cyndi’s Dad in the “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” video, and he was in the “Goonies” videos and “She Bop”… I remember them as if they were yesterday.

As for his managing of wrestlers, Captain Lou handled a bunch of villains and thugs, such as;  Pat Patterson, Magnificent Don Muraco, Greg “the Hammer” Valentine.  They all won the Intercontinental title.  Albano also guided fifteen teams to the Tag Team titles, including The Valiant Brothers, The Wild Samoans, The Blackjacks, The Moondogs and The Executioners.  By the end of his career, Albano managed over 50 different wrestlers who won two dozen championships.

I remember being thrilled when he wound up in the ring and was throttled by the “good guy”, as I really felt he deserved it.

What are your greatest memories of the Captain?


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