A sucky end to a fun long weekend

Today, Monday, is Thanksgiving in Canada and man was it cold outside.  I had the boys out in the park for an hour and a bit, until we decided to strol up the main Avenue to see if our local Starbucks was open… It’s ALWAYS open! 


We went inside to warm up.  After casing the yogurt / juice / sandwich fridge, the boys ran ahead to find a seat, having been there numerous times before, and within a few seconds I found them chatting up a storm with fellow blogger, and neighbours Haley-O and Josh-O of The Cheaty Monkey, who were there with their kiddies.  We all sat for a few minutes and talked about life, blogging, the kids’ schools, basketball (the Toronto Raptors) and other (ahem) stuff while the kids, played, talked to strangers and danced.  Fun times were had by everyone.

From there we went by the “flower store”, really an outdoor market, where the kids went nuts grabbing gourds, mini-pumpkins, Indian-corn (is it still really called that?) and other festive decorations to take home for the front steps of our house.  Every year my in-laws grab a bunch of pumpkins for our front steps.  The kids LOVE it!  It has become tradition in our household.  This year there were 10 of them, assorted sizes, colours and varieties.  To that pile we added a mini-pumpkin and 3 small white pumpkins.

Our annual tradition
Our annual tradition

Sadly, the small white pumpkins have since disappeared – we believe via squirrel-power.  This morning my oldest boy took the new nanny out with him to cover the remaining ones with cayenne pepper.  Smart kid…

Once back home we ate yummy turkey scalopini and stuffing made by my very pregnant wife and we got the kids bathed and into bed nice and early (before 7pm).  I then set off to do the tasks I normally do before bed the night before our nanny comes home… I clean and make sure the house is tidy so she will see the way we like to (try to) keep it.

At 1am as I was turning off the outside lights, I noticed a light shining into the new hybrid SUV.  It looked like the street light was shining into the car and I turned away, only to wonder if possibly, just maybe there was a light left on in the car.  I grabbed the keys and ran out in my shorts and barefeet to see.  Yup.  There were 2 lights on in the car… From early afternoon.  The car was dead!  I called roadside assistance to set up towing to the dealership in the morning and the first tow-truck – a young, cold, sleepy kid, couldn’t get it to start.  Told me the car was toast.  I called back roadside assistance and they sent a second truck to take me to the dealership in the morning but this guy – an older fellow – started the car.    I drove to the dealership and that re-charged the battery… PHEW.

While at the dealership, they finally activated our XM Radio.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what stations to listen to?  I programmed in the XLMetal station, but found it way too disturbing for my morning drive.  I don’t need to get psyched up to go to work anymore… It’s not the government.  I also found a station with only love songs, a station for every decade and a station dedicated to hairbands!  Cool. 

What stations do you like?


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