Tweeting fool

I must admit, I do not understand this thing called Twitter.

I have an account and I am “following” currently 179 people. In return, I am being “followed” by 101 people.

Thus far the only people who have actually had a conversation with me on this thing are my wife, Haley-O @ the Cheaty Monkey and our kids summer camp, Centre Camp during that municipal worker strike when that idiot Mayor picked their camp as a garbage dump site. That decision has cost him his job!

Here is what I don’t get… What is the point of this Twitter thing? To be able to text friends? To listen to the nonsensical ramblings of celebrities? Or to add as many friends, strangers and porn spam as possible to look like you are popular? Tell me please, I just don’t know.

At first, I removed all the porn spam follows. As flattered as I was that Trixie wanted to follow me and show me her big tits, I didnt want the real creator of that site, probably a dude, knowing that my kid got pee’d on in school.

Then I’d get followed by 5 new people one nigh and then have 9 less followers the next night. Seriously, were you just waiting for me to follow you back? But what really irks me are the questionable accounts who are going to tell me how to make money, grow my hair back, extend the length of my penis or run a 2 minute mile. If your stuff was that good you would already be famous, my friend. Trying posting yet another spam link that no one will ever follow.

My question is, why are they doing this? The potential advertising earned because I accidentally follow a link surely cannot be enough hits to allow you to be paid well. Even if you are being followed by 1 million people, you need substance… Don’t you?  Then again, why am I doing it?

Aww, fuck it. Follow me too. I talk shit here and I talk shorter shit there.


One thought on “Tweeting fool

  1. Twitter_Tips October 9, 2009 / 10:54 pm

    You might want to read from time to time (following not necessary) the tweets at @TwitterBulletin –it tweets just the most popular information about using Twitter (as counted by the number of retweets).


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