Things overheard on a Monday morning…

Oh, oh!!!  How exciting.  I found this in my draft folder from September 2nd 2008.  I love these.  This represents snipets of a series of conversations between 2 dimwits who sat in front of me in my former job.  Their ramblings began at 7:30am and went until 9:00am when they both got up and went for their hour long break (with different people).

 Can't help but listen

“It’s good to clear the air a bit… Let’s talk about it. He doesn’t really respect my opinion on things, it doesn’t matter. I think it is because of rejection. He can’t handle rejection. He needs to talk about it… Hey, the window is closed…”

“Motion helps you once in a while…”

“… Then someone lets out this nasty stinky fart, and then 10 seconds later, picks up the newspaper, tucks it under their arm and strolls off to the bathroom.”

“If you eat more than 1400 calories, your body stores the rest as fat. You can eat like a pig and gain weight. I could eat Pepsi’s all day and, you know.”

“You know you can’t disagree with me. I don’t know if it’s 100% true…”

“I love the acid / alkaline thing…”

“You start gaining weight, you could be all alkaline, or acid, that’s the problem.”

“So this guy in the UK lived to be 158 years old. They excavated his body. Did a biopsy (autopsy). His colon was clean as a baby.”

“Eating is the problem.”

“Is it alkalinity? Weight control?”

“If we could eat as much as we wanted and keep it alkaline, that’d be cool.”

“Steaks, very acidic. If you eat red meat your acid would go up and up.”

“Can you be a fat person and be healthy? Can you be a super-fat person and be alkaline.”

“Let’s talk about water…”

“Now you are thinking…”

I know you hate doctors… I do too…”

“Why change your carburetor or air filter when you can change your oil?”


He he he.  Brings back many memories… None good.  You can’t make this shit up… Seriously!


One thought on “Things overheard on a Monday morning…

  1. urbandaddy October 6, 2009 / 10:44 pm

    I am going to miss these nonsense conversations… I should have taped them!


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