Making lasting changes in your life

To make lasting changes, go slow!  Slow is the secret to making it last. 

Some of the reasons slow works:

1. Pay Attention. When you do something slowly, you can pay more attention to what you’re doing. I highly recommend that when you begin making changes, you do them with full concentration until they become automatic. 

2. Hold back at the beginning. When we make changes we do so with enthusiasm, but when that feeling wears off, we often go back to our original ways.  If you hold back a little at the beginning. you are more likely to keep it going for much longer.  When I decided I wanted ot run a 5K, I started by running around the block for 2 weeks first.  Then slowly built up to the point when 5K was well within reach. 

3. If you are going to do it, do it right the first time. If you take time when doing a task to do it slowly, then you stand a better chance to learn it properly the first time so that each and every time you do it, you are doing it right.  When it becomes second nature it is correct. 

4. Pay attention. If you are given a task to do and choose to run through it, usually it is being done sloppily and while you are thinking of other tasks to complete.  Take the time to look at the task, perform it while giving it full attention and not only will you do a better job, but you will have given it your full attention.

5. Have patience. If you go quickly it usually means you are behind the 8 ball, or under stress to get something done.  Stress is never a good thing.  Take it slowly and it will be under your control.

6. Breathe.  Always better when making changes to remember your breathing and that you are a human being who is simply carrying out a task, or performing a function for someone else – could even be yourself.  Breathing helps you slow down and assist in completing the previous 5 steps. Be aware of how often you are taking breaths (or not) and make sure to slow down and take a deep breathe more frequently.

I think someone is sending me a message…


I think I’ll listen… Slowly…


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