One step forwards…

Found this post sitting in my draft folder from almost 1 year ago today.  Read it, had a chuckle and wanted to finally post it.  How the times have changed.

Here it is;

Today I drove downtown for work.  I had to park REALLY far away because all the near lots were full and I don’t know my way around well enough to know where else to park and how much that will cost.  t was sunny when I parked, but POURING and I mean POURING rain when I left… Without an umbrella to walk to the car (as cool as possible), then drove back – soaking wet – home after my long walk to the car… I have never driven through the business district during the work day.  My wife would call me a wimp.  Or sheltered.  I would not disagree.

During the day, however, my first full day in the downtown office, I left quite a memory for my new colleagues after I  tried to get to the bathroom and instead walked out an emergency exit – setting off the alarms in the office… Nice, eh?  Way to make an impression on the downtown business unit… I remember the feeling of horror that went through my body and the look on the face of the woman who sat near the washroom / emergency exit as she did not tell me how to turn off the alarm, but looked at me like I was the dumbest human on the face of the earth.  I tried to shrug it off as best as I could, smiled at this gatekeeper, and waltzed across the floor into my bosses office as if nothing had happened.

 I did, however admit that it was me, that turned on the alarm, after a while… why not.

Thinking positively… It can only get better from here, right?


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