Being a Dad

Last week Linus went back to school – to Junior Kindergarten at a new school.  I think he likes it.  Today, Stewie went back to his school for another year of pre-school.  I was with him for the hour while their Mummy attended school.  I know he liked it.

But there is something bothering Stewie.  I posted here a couple weeks ago that he was not sleeping well – monsters – but that fear of monsters has subsided and now he just wants to sleep in our bed… with his Mummy. 

Going on about a month now, I’m finding more and more that I’m exhausted during the day and losing patience at night.  It goes something like this… He goes to bed around 7pm, gets up around 11pm, and when I walk him to his room he demands that I stay with him or he cries / whines / wails.  He then comes back to our room, I pick him up and take him back to his room.  This continues until I’m furious, and he’s waken up the entire house…

Getting angry doesn’t work.

Talking to him… Does not work.



I think he might be nervous for baby coming and because of the new school… Stay tuned.


Sunday I took the kids outside to check out garden.  Stewie walked outside, and said, “Oh! It’s friggin’ cold out here”.  And inside he returned.


I’m working on a post about the… government of course.  Some breaking developments.  But since my blog is no longer anonymous, I want to be clear and truthful in what I write… It’s coming… Stay tuned for that too.


One thought on “Being a Dad

  1. Naomi September 15, 2009 / 10:06 pm

    he’s still scared of the monsters. But it’s also partly habit, and he just needs that extra love and attention right now. Oh, and 2 important things…

    1. He’s in SENIOR kindergarten. He did junior kindergarten last year. For your reference, next year he will enter grade 1.

    2. He said it was FREAKIN’ cold, not friggin’ cold.


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