To be a dad

Being a Dad has it’s ups and downs.

Actually being a Dad is only a positive and I love every minute of it.  Even when they try my patience and get on my last nerve.  I don’t remember life without them.

Here, however, is a downfall of being a Dad.

About a month ago, I was horsing around with the boys.  I left them on the couch and walked into the kitchen where I almost immediately heard the little on screaming, then crying.  Without blinking an eye, I yelled into the family room for Linus to stop kicking Stewie. 

That didn’t work.

I walk back into the family room to see Linus hiding under pillows and a blanket (not Michael Jackson’s child) kicking his brother in the chest and face.  I reached under the blanket, yanked Linus out from underneath, but the damn kid is so light that he slid out from underneath the pillows and right off the couch, face first into the solid wood coffee table.

He cried, his mouth bled and I felt like a giant pile of shit.

His lip was bleeding on the inside a little and he was very upset, obviously.   I checked his teeth, his mouth, his face and told him, oh, a thousand times how sorry I was. 

We got over it.


Fast forward to this past weekend… Linus’ Grandmother looks in his mouth at his teeth and points out to us that his front tooth is looking grey.  I look in horror.  Clearly the impact f his mouth on the table banged that tooth and it was dying.  I felt even more like crap.  Linus is starting a new school next week and SK and I had an image of him going with a completely black tooth, or without a tooth because that tooth would need to be pulled.

What had I done???

So yesterday I picked him up from his morning reading camp, took him to my office, then to lunch and the dentist for a check-up.  They took x-ray, and gave him an apple (he ate 2) and a ride in the chair.  They checked his tooth, his mouth and the proximity of his adult teeth.  Lucky for us, there was no infection with root damage with that greying tooth, and unless there is any pain or swelling, the tooth should remain there, slightly grey.  His adult teeth are right up near the gums and the dentist predicted around a year before the baby teeth fall out and the adult chompers roll in.


So was it any surprise that at dinner last night, Stewie all of a sudden puts his finger in his mouth, points to his tooth and tells me that he needs to go to th dentist too, because his tooth hurts?

Cleaver little guy!!!


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