Follow me on Twitter

I’m legit now.

I give up.

I am no longer anonymous.

If you would like, please follow me on Twitter.  I can be found under the username: Taxman18.

I work in tax, and 18 is a lucky number in Judiasm, and my number of choice for playing sports – like 15 years of ball-hockey.

This blog, for anyone new here from my Twitter account, is about life as a father to 2 boys – almost 5 and even closer to 3, a husband with a lot to learn and a baby on the way in November.  I worked in the public service for over 10 years and they were 10 of the toughest years of my life.  I have been in the private sector for almost a year and love every minute.

If you “tweet” and would like me to follow you, please send me a message.

If you want to read some of my ramblings on sports, hit me up here;

If you want to see the more professional side, I have been neglecting my tax blog;

I have opened my kimono for everyone to see.


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