The Civic Long Weekend

Is 2/3rds over and we have accomplished the following…

Trip to the Toronto Zoo

Haircut for me and Linus

2 trips to Mastermind toys to return a broken Plan Toys crane

Trip to Tim Horton’s for yogurt and coffee (coffee for me, yogurt for the kids, duh)

Playing in the mini-pool

Picked about 100 raspberries off the bushes in the yard

At least 10 meltdowns

A trip to the park to play soccer

8 trips to the kids room in the middle of the night because they have decided Daddy is no longer allowed to sleep through the night

and so much more…


When I was younger and before kids, I looked forward to the long weekend but now, as a parent of 2 energetic boys, it just becomes a long weekend.


One thought on “The Civic Long Weekend

  1. Jasper August 12, 2009 / 7:52 pm

    At least it was only 10 meltdowns.


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