What is it about me?!?

I’m a little confused yet again.

After all that time working in the government and wondering why it was that so many people cared about things I did or said – non-work related – I can to the conclusion that it was them, and not me.  When I left the government, some whack-job googled me and used that to pressure my former manager into investigating my leave.  Whatever.  The issue that creeped me out was why someone would even care about what I was doing so long after leaving there.

It’s not my problem, it’s theirs right???

And then I get an email in my inbox Friday morning, and it reads something like this;

“Dude, I can no longer be friends with you because when my spouse and I were having problems I confided in you.  You and your wife obviously talk to each other.  My spouse and your wife have mutual “acquaintances”.  I don’t want what we talked out to get back to my spouse.  That would suck for me.  Have a nice life”.

I read it over.

Then again.

Blinked a few times.

Read it again.


Then I started shaking my head.  My wife does not know your spouse, and the “mutual friends” if we use the Facebook terminology, are 4 people that my wife has not spoken to in years and has not seen since I met her 9 years ago.

Besides, over the past year or 2 if there was any opportunity to talk to any of these “friends”, I’m not so sure that your situation would come up at all.  No offense.  It’s just not that important.

Wondering why you think I, or my wife, would tell anyone about what happened with you guys.  Thinking that being “friends” with me must have either been that insignificant that it’s easy to toss away, or you must really feel that I have some ability to broadcast to the world specific details of your life – which you described to me and a few others using your name, your spouse’s name and exact details.

I have a hard enough time getting a full night’s sleep and remembering where my office pass is in the morning.

Oh well…


Hope you have a nice life too.


The hunt for the missing kitty…

Maybe you can help.


It’s the white, well grey now, kitty that my son shleps with him pretty much everywhere in the house.  It’s been to the table, to play, to the bathroom, under the bed, in cars, toys and even in it’s own homemade bed.  No matter how much we wash that stuffed cat, it just seems to be getting dirtier and dirtier and more and more stinky.


But it’s missing tonight and at 10:30 Linus came looking for it.  I sent him back to bed.

I have checked EVERYWHERE.  Seriously.  In drawers, in the pantry, under pillows, in the ball-pit, closets, on other toys, in and under beds… Geez.  I spent 35 minutes looking right after the kids went to bed, then another 35 minutes looking just now.

It has disappeared.

We hate this kitty so much that I took a picture of it and made it my twitter avatar.  That’s kitty, sometimes referred to as Zoe.

Where can that stinky piles of recycled fibres be…

My back hurts

It’s really tight this morning… I’m in a lot of discomfort because someone decided he was scared and needed to come sleep in our bed last night – at 9:30.  He tossed,he turned, he talked, he moaned, he groaned.  At 4am I noticed my wife was up and on her iPhone checking emails and the sort.  Neither of us slept.

It’s been 2 weeks since the “monsters” came…

It’s been 2 weeks since I had a restful sleep.



Grrrr. Damn monsters…

Keeping my son up at night and getting him out of bed at all hours to come sleep with us…


I’m at my wits end.

He told me this morning that he was not going to have dreams about monsters anymore.  Tonight he was going to dream about Elmo and the chicken dance…

It’s 12:47am and he’s still asleep…

Quick!  Time for bed!!!

He didn’t have to eat them all…

My 2 (almost 3) year old hates me sometimes.  Then again, sometimes her loves me.

Tonight… Hate.

Every night before bed he has a snack.  Used to be “cheese sticks” (me cutting match sticks out of a block of marble cheese), then grapes, then raisins, and now it’s yogurt and seeds (plain yogurt with sunflower seeds in there). 

Tonight before bed he wanted blueberries.

He sat, ate, then all of a sudden he started to cry.

“My tummy hurts Daddy”… He said.

“Sorry buddy, what can I do?” I asked.

Then came the response…

“I don’t like you Daddy!  You gave me too many blueberries.  My tummy hurts.  I don’t like you Daddy!”


He calmed down and 15 minutes later sucked back a huge bowl of berries, seeds and yogurt…

Then he pooed.

Went to bed happy.

But not before saying this to me; “I like you Daddy”.

OY.  Kids…