A Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine 2009

I don’t want to bore anyone with details about out weekend away in St. Thomas Ontario so I thought a different approach might work better;

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of our trip.


The train ride – kids loved it, even though Stewie thought it was a “Monorail” (subway).

The look on the kids faces when they got to walk up to Thomas and have their picture taken in front of the big blue engine.  Both were talking to it/him and generally were in awe.

Where else do you eat dinner when in London Ontario, then at Mandarin… It was there that Stewie at no less than 25 shrimp.  It was all he wanted and he had the table beside us in stiches…  He cost $2.00, yet ate $20.00 in food… Boy can he pack it in.  Shrimps and snow peas and teriyaki shrimp… Didn’t matter.

The hotel we stayed at gave books away.  New ones.  Read and return them to a member hotel and they make a donation somewhere… For something… It was all good.

While at the Day Out with Thomas we saw a band called the Smudge Fundaes.  They were quite good and the kids really enjoyed them… Who knew?


The Bad:

It was cold.  Grrr.  22 degrees in July sucks.

I forgot the kids potty seat on our bed

Getting the kids to sleep… After being in each bed, 5 times…

Everything was closed on Sunday.  How 1980.  Don’t they know out there that not everyone attends Church on Sunday’s…

Clovermead – the bee farm with 24 million bees was… closed Sunday.

I got really tired driving… Needed coffee… Have to find a way to stay awake… You know it’s safer that way…

We didn’t get to sit together on the train eventhough we were the first ones in and had the pick of seats.  It’s a long story, but after choosing to sit with her friends, my pregnant wife decided we should all sit together and by that time there were no more seats… Her and the kids sat together and in the seat in front I sat alone turned around to interact with them.

The swimming pool in the hotel was -10 degrees but the kids wanted to swim.  I dove in and felt my body go into shock… Then we swam.


The Ugly:

I left said pregnant wife in the car… In the heat… But I took the keys and kids and didn’t crack the window.  She was… How can I put this nicely… NOT amused!!!  Lucky to still be married.

Watching the locals at Mandarin eat the crab legs in their best Saturday night jeans… It was far from a pretty sight, plate after plate of crab legs… Don’t these people eat anything else?


One thought on “A Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine 2009

  1. Laural July 21, 2009 / 7:45 am

    Wait … pregnant wife??? Really? Congrats! Or, did I miss something ages ago?
    Details, please 🙂


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