I didn’t know… Did you?

I learned a bunch of new stuff today. How much of this did you know?

1) Vanilla is the second most expensive spice. I assume Saffron is the most expensive.

2) Hiring a live-in caregiver, already in Canada, is not easy. By the time you get a number through the nanny-circuit, call and actually reach them, they already have a job. And we are taking days…

3) The difference between Ontario family resorts, Wigamog, Delawana and Cleveland’s House appears to be thousands of dollars. Not sure what the amenities are like, but what differences does $6000 for a week in Northern Ontario have with a $1500 a week resport? I’m thinking tea and crumpets, bone china and surf and turf for breakfast…

4) There is nothing to do in St. Thomas Ontario where the “Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine” is next weekend. I did manage to find some really chepa hotels there, but for the kids… Nada. Kind of makes that old phrase, “Go play in traffic” have more relevance.

St. Thomas actually has a motto… “Strength through Progress”. Does that mean if there has been little progress since it’s settling in 1810, it’s not very strong? But seriously, besides being Canada’s Railway Capital. it’s only other claim to fame is that Jumbo the elephant died there (September 15, 1885) after being hit by… You guessed it… A train. St. Thomas is 95.5% Caucasian… 51% protestant… Guess I wont be looking for any kosher food in the local grocery store, eh?

5) Kate Gosselin, from Jon and Kate plus 8 is now listed on match.com.  Look her up if you want an instant family, or wait about 10 years until the kids are off to University…

6) What’s this I hear about Wayne Gretzky suing the city of Glendale, Arizona for $9.3 million.  Doesn’t he think the Phoenix Coyotes are going to be in Arizona for long?  Can’t see him him coming to Hamilton with the team… 🙂


One thought on “I didn’t know… Did you?

  1. Sarah July 12, 2009 / 9:17 pm

    Re#4…that is exactly why last year we drove all the way to Ottawa for Day out With Thomas, even though St. Thomas is less than an hour drive from us! Since the fun at Day out With Thomas lasts only 1-2 hrs max.


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