A couple years ago I finally took control of my Ipod and loaded all my 200+ CD’s onto my computer and into iTunes.  It was about a month later when I realized that my Rob Zombie CD had a bunch of hidden or bonus tracks. 

I had, by this time, tossed the liner, and the CD does not list the songs or the artists.  In iTunes, it only lists the song as being from the Rob Zombie CD, and even worse, as bonus track 1, bonus track 2… You get the picture.

So after listening to some of these songs for years,  I really wanted to know who they were by so that I could see if that artist had other songs just a upbeat, hard rocking and perfect for running to.

No dice.

Until last night…

While updating my tracks on my iPod shuffle, I remembered that UrbanMummy has an iPhone with an application called Shazam, which can tell the song title, artist and album by hearing 10 seconds of the track.  It picked up that information for 3 of the 4 tracks I really wanted to know about.


And the winners are…

Soul Creation by Cinder

Stop by Dope


Payback by Flaw

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