What really matters anymore

1. Toronto is in the middle of a garbage strike that has lasted 15 days. My garage smells like dirty diapers and cat poo.  Last time I checked, my very expensive Toronto home required me to pay a fuck of a lot of property taxes…   Those taxes were for things like garbage pick up…  I demand a refund, and for all the workers to be fired.  Start again with younger, cheaper workers.  They do that, you know…

2. Sarah Palin is resigning as governor of Alaska… yawn… Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame up yet?

3. Damage to our car from the hail storm in May is covered on our car insurance under the comprehensive section… Cool.

4. UrbanMummy’s party was this past Saturday.  It was fun.  Ordered way too much food.  Rented dishes, cutlery and glasses.  Made for a quick clean up.

5. My in-laws flipped out on my wife (their daughter) because she posted a blog post stating that she was… disappointed in them.  They felt this “airing of dirty laundry around the globe” was apparently damaging to their reputations.  I told them to get over it.

6. The cat needs cat food… We need milk… Guess what I’ll be doing tonight.

7. What ever happened to Blue Jays outfielder Shawn Green?


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